The Commission Process

Once you decide on a size, color(s), overall feeling & composition, I ask to see and know a few pieces that I already have created that you like. This gives me a great understanding to what it is you are looking for. Feel free to ask if you need some assistance here. Sending a picture of the space where the painting will be is always welcome.

I will give the total price with shipping. I ask for half down to get started. A PayPal invoice request will be created. Once received, let the creation begin!

I will send pictures via email for approval. At this time, if there are any minor adjustments that need to be made before varnish, this is when those would happen. If and when adjustments have been made. I’ll send pictures for final approval. Once approved, I will send final invoice with the remaining balance.

Art Zoom Call

Do you want to know more about the art process, tools, products, & composition? This is for YOU!

The call will be broken down into 5 Parts:

1.) The Process: Step by step
2.) Tools & Products: The scoop on why this matters
3.) Layer & Depth: Developing techniques with texture mediums and the importance of color value.
4.) Composition: Understanding balance, drawing the eye around the painting.
5.) Q&A: Close meeting

The call is $100 for 1 hour.
To book your ART Zoom Call, fill out form below and type ‘Art zoom call’ in the comments!

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