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Color Magic Recipes 11-15 Digital Download

Color Magic Recipes 11-15 Digital Download

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Summary: Many of you have asked, how I made ‘this’ color or what I mixed to get ‘that’? This got me thinking...why not share my color recipes?

Color for me is personal, I get excited about it! With years of experimenting and practice having fun with color, I’ve gathered many favorites for you.

My hope is that by sharing these color “recipes” through mini workshops I will ignite a spark or render a new direction in your creative journey. ✨

For: everyone! Five recipes explained & just under eight minutes.


*Two downloads per one purchase! Once you click on the link, it will live on that device. 

*TIP: If you download to your iPad or iPhone you can find the video again in your iCloud Drive App. 

It looks like this:👇🏼


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